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If you are a self-employed individual, you may or may not be aware of the problems that can arise with any mortgage applications that you make. A standard requirement that mortgage lenders ask from a self-employed applicant is at least 3 years worth of accounts and financial records, approved by a certified accountant. This is sometimes just the beginning of the difficulties that a self-employed individual may encounter when applying for a mortgage or other loan. Because of the unpredictable nature of a self-employed individual’s income, lenders are sometimes unwilling to take the risk of issuing credit.

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Of the many mortgages that are on offer today, there are certain mortgages available that are tailored to the needs of the self-employed. In these cases the lender is sympathetic to the fact that in a self-run business there will be periods of both high and low revenue. The mortgages on offer present you with a more flexible way to pay your mortgage when you are self-employed.

Among the most common types of mortgages offered to the self-employed are self-certification mortgages; these can sometimes avoid the usual procedural details of providing references and account records. A significant deposit will sometimes be required, and if an applicant is able to provide a deposit of a higher percentage than the lender’s asking amount, they may qualify for better interest rates on the subsequent repayments. The entitlement to these benefits will also depend on the applicant’s personal credit history.

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