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Buying a property with the sole intention of renting it out to a third party of tenants is becoming an increasingly common and shrewd form of investment. Stock market unpredictability, falling interest rates in savings accounts and limited pension schemes are all forcing investors to increasingly think in this direction. Provided you carefully consider all options available to you with a buy-to-let mortgage, this exercise can prove to be quite a profitable and secure long-term investment.

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The following points should all be considered when dealing with buy-to-let mortgages:

• Research the market – Make sure that there is a healthy demand for rented accommodation in the area. If any new businesses or companies are starting in the area, there may well be relocating employees who will be searching for rented accommodation. Any local universities or colleges are also likely to yield a healthy student rental market.
• Your target market – Keep in mind who you wish to live in your property. For example, if you wish for a party of students to rent your property, there will be less need to decorate the property with expensive furniture than if, say, a family was living there.
• Location – This is also relevant to the type of tenants that you wish to attract. Students will ideally want to be located close to their place of study, while families with children may wish to be closely located to schools, for example. Commuters may also wish to be located somewhere with easy access to public transport.

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