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ease, one cervical and the other upper dorsal, and calls

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'^ In the first, the bod^ and shoalder are inclined to one side, elevating the oppoeite ude of

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following exactly the same course, nor adopting the

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makes the following reasonable remarks concerning the

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eosinophile found in mammalian blood. As stated above the

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forceps permissable in order to shorten the mothers suffering,

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only drug which would give a measure of comfort to these patients.

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symptoms of the malady, by profuse haemorrhage from the bowels and

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on — this should be done by giving it a sliding motion, to exclude air-bubbles.

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"atal at last This difference in degree occasions some rot1<iW

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ing to circumstances, the cicatrix of the track becomes more and

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It is not impossible that the gradual colonizing of the Amazon basin by the

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Hence the importance of carefully examining every part of the

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to Dr James's classification of cases of putrid pleural effusion, but

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Miss A., aged fifty-four, had never been well after

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of years. This hyj)ochondriasis, in tlu; lijiht of the

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That such expectations are not purely fanciful will become evident

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Concerning the gangrenous feature of the ostco-myelitis which was

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Theoretically considered, the solution of the question is beset

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the case of this particular patient HTLV-II rather than

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concentration of carbohydrate and fat, as the protein-calorie

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stitutional dyscrasia with internal deposits, and hence its

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name. Trusting that to you it may be given to add new laurels

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the rifle, the revolver, or even the toy-pistol. The

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This disease is found wherever potatoes are grown, and

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taining a hypodermic syringe, clinical thermometer, a few simple

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logic structure, should consist of complete removal of the breast.

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the respiratory center is affected by measurable changes in C H of the

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four minutes it was found to contain an abundance of sugar, and re-

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not been cleared up, the pathology of the disease is also incom-

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he might have taken and sustained a high position had he

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tutional diseases termed scrofulous, tuberculous, cancerous, and

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the lungs, and hence the associated base, generally sodium or potassium,

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appreciable truths of medicine has left open the door for competition

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